Mark Bailey

I have around fifteen years of experience in VFX as a generalist, lighter, supervisor and lead technical director.
I use Maya + Arnold as my preferred combination.
I also use and teach vRay.

I have a VFX studio and team to hand for large projects and am available for freelance work.

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Relevant Skills

CG supervisor
Lighting Lead
Technical Director

Generalist Skills
Shading, lookdev
Fur, physics, fluids


Main Applications

vRay, Nuke
After Effects, Photoshop

Mental Ray
Resolume Arena
Unity + Cardboard VR

Employment History: 2001-present

Radiant VFX CG supervisor
Dr. D Senior lighting TD
The Mill Generalist TD
1000 Volt 3D lead
Framestore Lead TD
Jim Henson’s Creature Shop 3D generalist
Uli Meyer Studios 3D generalist

Recent Work

As 3D Supervisor at Radiant VFX
I built a rock-solid, flexible Arnold pipeline.

We delivered over 30 minutes of HD and 4k footage for the Champions League 2015-1218 rebrand.

This included creating a stadium of over a million flag waving fans in the heart of a megacity.
Deliverables also included 12k print-res images.

Link Click here for UEFA's brand-film.





Primary Showreel







eaturing work from:

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Narnia: Prince Caspian
The Tale of Despereaux
Happy Feet 2
The Golden Compass

Also featuing Commercial clients including:

BBC, ITV, Samsung, Nestlé, The National Lottery
Cartoon Network, General Mills, Pokerstars
Impossible Pictures








Technical reel

Because I work across many diciplines
I've highlighted the various skills used
to final each shot.

Featuring additional shots from:

Cookie Crisp

Further information

I also tinker with bicycles and am making Virtual Reality Cardboard games for fun using Unity.
I have also performed VJ gigs in front of thousands at the V-festival: Live-mixing video and FX to music.
I've worked in Sydney and Istanbul and travelled extensively. I am interested in science, physics, AI and engineering developments.

I'm looking for mid-to-senior lead or CG supervision roles with an aim to stay long-term within a company.
My aim is to help make great looking scenes, improve tools and pipelines; smoothing out the creases, reducing the steps to final.

I've a good balance of creative and technically-minded skills in both 2D and 3D departments.

Essentially, VFX is my vocation - not just a job. I'm constantly looking to improve my skills and dabble with the latest tools whenever possible.

Link Contact me:
Link Download my CV
Link Visit my Linked-in profile